A program of the SIFMA Foundation.

The Stock Market Game™ introduces young people to saving and investing through a simulation of the stock market and bond market.

Students get to trade and manage their own virtual $100,000 investment portfolio.

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The Stock Market Game™ equips students with valuable academic and life skills such as

  • Improved math, economics, and personal financial capability
  • Greater awareness of current events and global news

Prior financial experience isn't necessary!

The Stock Market Game™ provides all of your lesson plans, activities, and ongoing support to make getting started easy, fun, and effective.

Classroom resources and step-by-step instructions

  • Guide program implementation
  • Ensure student engagement

Lessons, projects and correlations

  • Enable Teachers to quickly create effective financial education lesson plans
  • Map to standards and subject matter requirements

Stock Market Game students are provided access to their own online portfolio.

They research and apply their investment ideas in a real-world market environment.

Stock Market Game students

  • Work together in teams
  • Exercise collaboration, communication and teamwork
  • Practice leadership, organization, and negotiation
  • Compete for exciting awards and prizes

Starting with a hypothetical cash account of $100,000

Students strive to create the best performing portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more in a live trading environment.

An easy-to-read portfolio

  • Gives students up-to-date information
  • Features interactive graphing and charting tools
  • Enables students to monitor and improve their performance

Learning doesn't have to end in the classroom!

Students have access to their portfolio via The Stock Market Game™ app.

Offered at little to no cost, The Stock Market Game™ is more than a game.

It extends to other educational experiences including:

Teachers can request face-to-face meetings with financial professionals for their classrooms

  • In person or virtually via webinars and Skype
  • Literally bringing the content to life
  • Invest It Forward

InvestWrite® challenges students

  • To write an individual essay
  • To apply what they've learned in The Stock Market Game™
  • Is a convenient assessment tool
  • InvestWrite

The Capitol Hill Challenge™ is an invitation-only national Stock Market Game competition

  • Matching public schools with their US congressional leader
  • Building awareness of government and civics
  • Awarding the top 10 teams a trip to Washington, DC
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